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ADMPF108F_ Product Reference Card
Digital Photo Frame
View pictures, listen to music and watch home
videos at 800 x 600 resolution
• 8” TFT true color LCD (800x600 resolution) w/ 512MB memory included
• Easy operation as most le formats are automatically recognized
• High quality glossy black frame with built-in speakers
• Supports many memory card formats such as: SD / SDHC
• Supports various picture / video / audio formats
• Connect your personal computer, digital camera, memory card or USB
drive and easily transfer your favorite pictures, music, or videos with
hi-speed USB 2.0
• Photo slideshow automatically begins with background music
• Display on a table top with the included frame stand or mount on your wall
• Ease of operation and control with the included remote
• 120 day limited warranty and lifetime toll free tech support
More than just a digital photo frame, Aluratek raises the bar with its
new Digital Lifestyle Device (DLD). View hi-resolution pictures, listen
to music and watch home videos easily on the 8” TFT true color LCD
at 800 x 600 resolution. Simply insert your camera or camcorder’s SD
/ SDHC card or an USB drive directly into the frame. Pictures will auto-
matically start in a slideshow mode. With the built-in 512MB on-board
memory you can also transfer your favorite digital les directly from
your computer fast and easy without any software. With Aluratek’s new
DLD, share all your digital pictures, videos, and music les. Whether it
is at work or at home, let the fun begin!
512MB / Built-in Memory
Connect your personal
computer, memory card
or USB drive and easily
transfer your favorite
pictures, videos or music
with hi-speed USB 2.0
Easy to use
Hang on a wall for
digital signage
*memory card not included
512MB built-in
flash memory
High quality
8” TFT true color
LCD with 800 x 600
Memory Card slot
USB port
Included remote control
Play your favorite music les through the
high-quality integrated speakers.
Set-up photo silde-shows with background
music with the touch of a button.
Play your favorite videos on the true color TFT
LCD screen at 800 x 600 resolution.
Simply connect your USB drive to the USB port
on the frame to transfer your videos to the on-
board memory or store on a *SD / SDHC card.
View your favorite photos on the true color
TFT LCD screen at 800 x 600 resolution.
Photo slideshow begins automatically.