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Solutions to Common Problems
Common Drying Problems
Many drying problems involve poor cleaning results, poor soil and stain removal, residues of lint and
scum, and fabric damage. For satisfactory drying results, follow these suggestions provided by The
Soap and Detergent Association.
Greasy, oily
Fabric softener sheet. Rub fabric softener stains
with bar soap. Rinse and
Add a few bath towels
to small loads for proper
Some “silk-like” fabrics
should be air dried.
Use proper drying tempera-
Place fabric softener sheet
on top of load before start-
ing the dryer.
Lint Overloading.
Overdrying causes static
Lint screen not clean when
cycle began.
Lint is attached to “pills.”
Reduce load size and
rewash using liquid fabric
softener in the fi nal rinse.
Or, add a fabric softener
sheet and tumble without
Use lint brush or roller to
remove lint.
Do not overload dryer.
Use fabric softener in
washer or dryer to reduce
static electricity.
Remove items when they
are slightly damp to avoid
Check that lint fi lter is clean
and in place.
(Fibers break
off, ball up and
cling to fabric.)
Overdrying. Use a lint brush or shaver to
remove pills.
Use fabric softener to lubri-
cate fi bers.
When ironing, use spray
starch or fabric fi nish on
collars and cuffs.
Turn items inside out to
reduce abrasion.
Shrinking Temperature too high.
Irreversible condition. Follow fabric care label
If shrinking is a concern,
check load often.
Remove items while slightly
damp and hang or lay fl at to
complete drying.
Block knits into shape.
Wrinkling Overloading.
Leaving items in dryer after
cycle ends.
Reduce load size and
tumble at medium or low
heat for 5-10 minutes.
Remove items immediately.
Hang or fold.
Do not overload dryer.
Remove items as soon as
cycle ends.
Isolated wet
spots on fabrics
after completed
Steam cycle
Low water line pressure in
home is not suffi cient to
atomize incoming water
during Steam cycle
Check water line pressure Ensure water line pressure
is minimum of 30 psi. Do
not exceed 120 psi.