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Turn the cycle selector in either direction to the cycle
desired. The indicator for that cycle will be illuminated.
Cycle Selection
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be washed.
For best results
To change the cycle once it has begun, press the cancel
button before selecting a new cycle. Just turning the
cycle selector knob to another selection will not change
the cycle.
Use this load for cotton, linen, towels, shirts, sheets,
denims and mixed loads.
Use this cycle for cottons and blends with a permanent
press or no-iron nish.
quick wash
Quickly wash a small, lightly soiled load.
Use this cycle for lightly soiled knits and delicates which
require gentle washing.
hand wash (on select models)
Use this cycle to provide intermittent, gentle tumbling
for items labeled “Hand Wash”.
This cycle is designed for bulky items such as
comforters, blankets, mattress pads, sleeping bags and
similar items.
heavy duty
Use this cycle for heavily soiled, durable garments - ex.
towels, sports gear, or fabric tote bags. For best soil
and stain removal, use the hottest water safe for the
fabrics being washed.
Use this cycle for white fabrics and lightly colored
clothing. Refer to fabric care label for use of liquid
chlorine bleach.
This manual covers many models and not all cycles, options, or features listed are available on every model. Consoles shown
above for reference only. Your model may differ.
Specialty Cycles may include, but
not limited to:
• quick sanitize
• jeans
• pet beds
• kids wear
• stuffed toys
• hand wash