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rinse & spin (on select models)
Select rinse & spin for loads that need a cold water
rinse or to add fabric softener that may have been
omitted in a regular cycle. Add the fabric softener
to the dispenser chamber. Select the spin speed
appropriate for the load.
spin only (on select models)
Use the spin only cycle anytime you want to drain
water from the washer and spin out the load or as
a follow-up to a no spin selection. Select the spin
speed appropriate to the load. Fresh rinse is also a
selectable option.
Use the sanitize cycle to clean and sanitize heavily
soiled, colorfast fabrics including towels, bedding, and
children’s clothing.
It is recommended that you set your water heater to
120° F (49° C) or higher to ensure proper performance
during this cycle. If the setting is lower or the load
is extra large, the cycle time will be extended by 30
minutes or more.
The sanitize cycle will kill 99.9% of bacteria with
no carryover of bacteria between loads. No bleach or
harsh chemicals are needed, but higher temperatures
are required. Please check fabric care labels to prevent
Cycle Selection, continued
NSF Protocol P172
Sanitization Performance of Residential
and Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes
Only sanitizing cycles have been designed to meet the
requirements of NSF P172 protocol for sanitization
ef cacy.
If the voltage at your outlet is under 110 v, the internal
heater may not adequately heat the wash water. If
the cycle is interrupted while the water is heating, the
nal temperature of the wash water may be lower and
sanitation may be reduced.
You may deselect fresh rinse if you wish to perform
a spin only cycle or select no spin if you want to
perform a drain only cycle.
The wash water is heated by an internal boost heater
to a maximum of 152° F (67° C) as the load tumbles.
Cold water is added to cool down the load prior to
drain and spin.
As a precaution, the washer door is locked once the
water temperature reaches 130° F (55° C). If the
cycle is cancelled during the wash phase and the
water temperature is greater than 150° F (66° C), an
automatic cool down and drain will occur before the
door can be opened.