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Specialty Cycle Selection
Specialty Cycles (on select models)
Turn the cycle selector to specialty cycles to access additional custom cycles. Scroll through the
cycles by pressing the outer buttons under the LCD screen.
pet beds
Wash soft-sided pet beds, pet pillows or pet blankets
with the pet beds cycle. The allergy option will kill
dust mites and eliminate 95% of pet dander with
multiple rinses. Cold water to release protein stains,
fresh rinse and high spin speed to extract more
water (reducing drying time) are preset selections. Not
recommended for wool or eece fabrics.
Wash an entire load of denim jeans with the Jeans
cycle. It provides 20 minutes of reversing tumble wash
action with cold water, medium spin speed to reduce
wrinkling and a fresh rinse to remove excess dirt and
quick sanitize
Use the quick sanitize cycle to quickly kill 99.9% of
bacteria with no carryover of bacteria between loads.
No bleach or harsh chemicals are needed, but higher
temperatures are required. Please check fabric care
labels to prevent damage.
NSF Protocol P172
Sanitization Performance of Residential
and Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes
kids wear
Wash normally-soiled kids wear and baby wear with
this specialty cycle. Fresh rinse, high spin speed
and hot water are default presets. Allergy will also be
selected as an option.
stuffed toys
Wash stuffed animals and soft toys with the stuffed
toys cycle. Wash temperature is cold, with a mid-
agitation injection of steam to release stubborn
stains. Fresh rinse and low spin speed to prevent
deformation of toys are also preset selections. Protect
your washer drum nish and maximize toy life by
placing it in a pillow case and tying the end closed
before washing it.
hand wash
Use this specialty cycle to provide intermittent, gentle
tumbling for items labeled “Hand Wash”.
Only sanitizing cycles have been designed to meet the
requirements of NSF P172 protocol for sanitization
ef cacy.
Remove as much of pet hair as possible with vacuum,
pet hair roller or brush to prevent clogging washer
drain pump.