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Cycle Options, continued
Steam may not necessarily be visible inside drum
during a steam wash cycle.
Steam may not be present during entire steam wash
add steam
Select this option to add approximately 20 minutes
of tumbling in steam during the wash cycle. It is
recommended for heavily soiled loads to help enhance
the release of tough stains from fabrics after initial
stain clean (on select models)
Use the stain clean option to add a 5-minute soak
in the middle of the wash portion of the heavy duty,
whites, normal, casual, and delicates cycles.
drum light ( press & hold on some models)
The drum light will come on whenever the door is
opened to illuminate the drum during loading and
unloading. Closing the door turns off the light. The
drum light will automatically turn off if the door is left
open more than 3 minutes.
On models with press & hold features, you can
activate the drum light during a cycle by pressing and
holding the button under options with the symbol.
The light will stay on during the cycle for 3 minutes. To
turn it off, press and hold the button again.
stain pretreat (on select models)
Stain pretreat uses a special 10 minute soak/pretreat
agitation before the main wash. It lls initially with
detergent and cold water to prevent protein stains from
setting, then the internal heater is activated to heat the
wash water to remove non-protein based stains. Can
be used with pre wash for the toughest stains.
If steam is selected, rinse temperatures will be
If washer is paused during a steam wash cycle, the
door will remain locked due to higher temperature
in drum. DO NOT force open - it will unlock upon
During a steam cycle you may notice steam exiting
from the rear vent of the washer - this is normal and
not cause for alarm.
pre wash (on select models)
Select this option to add a short initial wash period to
a cycle. Heavily soiled and stained loads will prewash
for approximately 5 minutes. The water will drain and
the load will automatically advance to the regular wash
See step 5 in “Operating Your Washer” section in this
guide for details on adding detergent to the dispenser.
chime (press & hold)
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle if this option
is selected.
delay start
Press delay start to select a wash time convenient
to your schedule or during off peak energy hours.
The delay time selected will be displayed and begin
counting down when you select Start.
max ll (press & hold)
Increase the water ll level of the agitation portion of
any wash cycle.
fresh rinse
Use this option when additional rinsing is desired to
remove excess dirt and detergent. It is recommended
for heavily soiled loads or if household members have
sensitive skin.
clean washer
To clean and freshen the washer, perform the clean
washer cycle. If you wish to begin the cycle, press
clean washer and then START when prompted.
This maintenance cycle uses hot water and two rinses
to remove residue that may cause odor. See “Inside
Routine Cleaning (Preventive)” for detailed information
about the clean washer cycle.
The washer will automatically prompt you to run the
clean washer cycle every 50 cycles. You may press
the cancel button to manually perform the cycle at
another time.
control lock
To lock the controls between cycles, press and hold the
control lock button for 5 seconds. Repeat to unlock
the controls when you are ready to operate the washer.
Use this feature to reduce the likelihood of accidental
operation by children.