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Detergent and fabric softener may build up in the
dispenser drawer. Residue should be removed once or
twice a month.
Remove the drawer by pulling the drawer out until it
Reach back into the left rear corner of the drawer cav-
ity and press down rmly on the lock tab. Pull out the
Remove the insert from the bleach and fabric softener
Rinse the drawer and inserts with a combination of ¾
cup liquid chlorine bleach and 1 gallon hot tap water
to remove traces of accumulated powders and liquids.
Large amounts of fabric softener residue may indicate
improper dilution or more frequent cleaning is required.
Rinse well with tap water.
To clean the drawer opening, use a small brush to
clean the recess. Remove all residue from the upper
and lower parts of the recess.
Replace the insert by pressing it in place until you hear
a slight click. Return the dispenser drawer.
Cleaning Dispenser Drawer Area
Daily Preventive Maintenance
Other Inside Routine Cleaning (Preventive)
Remove items from the washer as soon as the cycle
ends. Excess wrinkling, color transfer, and odors may
develop in items left in the washer.
If there are no small children or pets present, you may
leave the door ajar when the washer is not in use.
Leave the dispenser drawer open slightly at the end of
the wash day.
Dry around the washer door opening, exible gasket,
and door glass. These areas should always be clean to
ensure a water tight seal.
When extremely soiled items have been washed, a dirty
residue may remain on the drum. Remove this by wip-
ing the drum with a nonabrasive household cleanser.
Rinse thoroughly with water.
Periodically, wipe dry the folds in the bottom of the
exible gasket to remove lint and other debris.