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The pressure window displays: current barometric pressure, sea level pressure, and weather
forecast. The information contains a number of historical statistics: pressure/ temperature/
humidity history bar-chart for the past 24 hours
Pressure can be measured in inHg, hPa/mBar or mmHg, and altitude is determined in either
meters or feet.
IMPORTANT: There are three viewing options available: barometric pressure SEA LEVEL
or LOCAL and ALTITUDE. Local pressure is a measured value (can’t be adjusted) while
Sea Level & Altitude are variables that you can enter. It is advisable to select and program
only one of the variables and to allow the unit to calculate the third value.
The unit is designed to measure pressure changes at your specific location, when LOCAL
barometric pressure is selected. Information for programming your unit, with either Altitude or
Sea Level values, may be obtained from GPS readings, online from the Internet, etc.
SEA LEVEL barometric pressure provides you with information about pressure changes at
lower elevations in your surrounding area. The SEA LEVEL pressure value can be set to
match your local metro area weather information. (Sources – local TV or radio station, etc.)
IMPORTANT: Allow the unit to set without touching ANY buttons for about 6-8 minutes
during the main unit initial set up. This will give the unit time to synchronize with remotes,
stabilize pressure readings and settle with default settings.
Press UP (? ) or DOWN (? ),as needed, until the pressure icon “PRESSURE”, to the left of
the barometric pressure value, begins to flash.
• Press MODE button, to toggle through selections until “SEA LEVEL” or “LOCAL”
barometric pressure is displayed.
• Press and hold MEM/ HISTORY button to enter the pressure unit selection mode. Press the
UP (? ) or DOWN (? ) button to select the preferred units of measure for pressure:
inHG (English), hPa/mBar (scientific) or mmHg (metric)
• Press MEM/ HISTORY to confirm your selection. Then press MODE to move to the
ALTITUDE unit selection mode. Press the UP (? ) or DOWN (? ) button to select pressure
unit as FEET or METER.
• Press MEM/ HISTORY to confirm and hold MODE to move to the ALTITUDE value
selection mode.
• Press UP (? ) or DOWN (? ) to select or adjust the altitude value to your location. (Press and
hold either button for accelerated digit advance)
• Press MODE to confirm the programming selection.
(NOTE: The unit will automatically exit programming mode if it does not detect a button
press after 2 minutes.)
To view pressure or altitude information, press MODE button. The display will alternate
between the sea level pressure, local pressure and local altitude screens.
PROGRAMMING SEA LEVEL PRESSURE (not required if you did altitude)
• Press and hold MODE, until the barometric pressure digits are flashing.
• Enter the desired sea level pressure value by pressing UP (? ) or DOWN (? ) buttons. (Press
and hold either button for accelerated digit advance.)
• Press MODE
, to confirm sea level value selection.