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Eartips and Maintenance
Eartip Selection
The tips on the ends of urBeats
headphones make the difference between
good sound and great sound. With the right t, you’ll get better isolation from
unwanted outside noise, increased bass response, better tonal balance and
the headphones will stay in your ears better. Of course, the right t will also
feel more comfortable. Because everyone’s ears are unique, Beats
several sizes and designs of eartips. Getting the perfect t with the correct tip is
a matter of experimentation. Try out all the eartips included with your urBeats
headphones to nd the best t for the size and shape of your ear canal. We
recommend that you try the smallest tip rst and work upwards in size until you
nd a comfortable t that has a good seal and also stays in your ears without
falling out. Also try different style tips to see which works best for you.