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Care and Storage
• Keeping Powerbeats
headphones clean is essential for safe, hygienic use.
• Never wear in-ear headphones if they appear dirty.
• When not in use, always store your Powerbeats
headphones in the protective
case provided.
• Keep case closed, and store in a clean, dry environment.
• Do not store other items in the case, as this may result in contamination.
• Avoid storage in extreme heat or cold.
• Avoid exposure to liquids, temperature extremes and high humidity.
• Never pull on the cable to disconnect Powerbeats
headphones from your
music player. Grasp the plug at the end of the cable and pull to disconnect.
Select, Connect, Listen
in-ear headphones feature multiple pairs of ear tips, designed to
t securely and block out external sound. Choose the pair that ts most
comfortably and best seals out noise.