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FMP-X10 4-540-860-11(1)
Startup Guide
© 2014 Sony Corporation Printed in Japan 4-540-860-11(1)
Media Player
About manuals of this product
Startup Guide (this manual)
This manual shows connections and other preparations for the player.
Help Guide (online manual)
This shows how to use the player. It can be viewed on a computer as
well as a mobile device.
Reference Guide (separate)
This shows player specifications and precautions.
In the Box:
4K Media Player High Speed
HDMI cable
AC adapter AC power cord
Remote control
You may also need:
4K projector
Additional High Speed
HDMI cable
LAN cable or
Wi-Fi® network
Wi-Fi network name
(”SSID”) and password
(in the case of Wi-Fi)
Have the series name of your BRAVIA TV
ready when making a connection.
Your BRAVIA TV’s series name:
If your BRAVIA TV is X900A / X900 series…
Contact customer support as your TV may need to have
the HDMI jack replaced.
If you have already done this, proceed to step 2.
1-855-476-6945 (1-855-4Sony4K)
How do I know the series name of my BRAVIA TV?
On the packaging:
On the rear panel:
series name is
2 Connect to other devices.
Connect a TV to the HDMI OUT 1 jack of this player.
The number of the HDMI jack to connect to
differs depending on your BRAVIA TV series
name. Select the correct HDMI jack as shown in
the diagram on the right.
High Speed
HDMI cable
Connect an AV receiver to the HDMI OUT 2 jack* of
this player.
If you do not want to connect an AV receiver,
skip this step and go to
* The HDMI OUT 2 jack is only for connecting an AV receiver.
High Speed
HDMI cable
(not supplied)
Connect to the internet.
If you prefer Wi-Fi connection, skip this step
and setup the connection in the Initial Setup
(step 4).
** The router must be DHCP server compatible. Refer to the
operating instructions supplied with the router for details on
configuring the router settings.
LAN cable
(not supplied)
Go to backside for steps 3 & 4.
BRAVIA TV or 4K projector (VPL-VW600ES / VW1100ES)
AV receiver
For BRAVIA X850A / X900A
connect to the HDMI IN
4 jack.
For other BRAVIA series
or 4K projectors,
connect to the HDMI IN
2 jack.