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Using the headphones
Connecting the headphones to your Bluetooth device
To use your AE2w Bluetooth headphones with a Bluetooth device (such as a smartphone or tablet), you must first establish a wireless
connection between the headphones and the device. This process is called “pairing”. once the headphones and a device have been
paired, they will automatically reconnect the next time you use them together.
To pair the headphones with your device
1. Slide the control module power switch to on.
2. Press and hold the Multi-Function and Volume + buttons together until the Bluetooth indicator blinks purple.
The headphones are now discoverable and ready to pair with your device.
3. Enable Bluetooth on your device and locate the Bluetooth device list. (For help, see “Locating the Bluetooth device list” on page
4. Select “Bose AE2w ” from the device list. If your device requires a passkey, enter “0000”.
When the wireless connection is complete, the Bluetooth indicator will turn solid blue.
Bose AE2w
Note: If the Bluetooth indicator does not turn solid blue, the wireless connection has not been made. Turn the headphones off and repeat
steps 1 to 4, or see “Troubleshooting” on page 11.