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Refrigerator Shelves
The shelves in your refrigerator are adjustable to meet your
individual storage needs.
Storing similar food items together in your refrigerator and
adjusting the shelves to fit different heights of items will make
finding the exact item you want easier. It will also reduce the
amount of time the refrigerator door is open, and help save
Shelves and Shelf Frames
To remove and replace a shelf/frame:
1. Remove the shelf/frame by tilting it up at the front and lifting it
out of the shelf supports. Pull shelf straight out.
2. Replace the shelf/frame by guiding the rear shelf hooks into
the shelf supports. Tilt the front of the shelf up until the rear
shelf hooks drop into the shelf supports.
3. Lower the front of the shelf and check to make sure that the
shelf is securely in position.
Ingredient Care Center
The control for the Ingredient Care Center adjusts the storage
temperature of the pan. Cold air flows into the pan through the air
duct between the freezer and the refrigerator. Setting the controls
allows more or less cold air through the air duct.
To Adjust the Ingredient Care Center
1. Choose a setting based on the item to be stored in the pan.
2. Push the button that corresponds to that setting.
3. The indicator light for that setting will illuminate to verify that
the pan is ready to be loaded.
Remove and Replace the Ingredient Care Center Cover
1. Remove food from Ingredient Care Center cover. Pull drawer
out about 4" (10.16 cm). Reach under the glass shelf with both
hands and lift gently upward until back of shelf is free. Tilt the
shelf at an angle and remove the shelf from the refrigerator. Be
sure not to bump the glass.
2. Replace the cover by holding the glass shelf firmly with both
hands, tilt the shelf at an angle and position it above the
support rails. Place shelf gently on support rails on side wall.
Meat Storage Guide
Store most meat in original wrapping as long as it is airtight and
moisture-proof. Rewrap if necessary. See the following chart for
storage times. When storing meat longer than the times given,
freeze the meat.
Fresh fish or shellfish.........................use same day as purchased
Chicken, ground beef, variety meat (liver, etc.) ................1-2 days
Cold cuts, steaks/roasts ..................................................3-5 days
Cured meats...................................................................7-10 days
Leftovers - Cover leftovers with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or
plastic containers with tight lids.
Crisper and Covers
To remove and replace the crispers:
1. Slide the crisper drawer straight out to the stop. Lift the front
of the drawer with one hand while supporting the bottom of
the drawer with your other hand and slide the drawer out the
rest of the way.
2. To replace the crisper drawer, place the drawer onto slides
and push the drawer back until securely in position.
3. Test the crisper drawer to make sure it has been replaced
To clean the crisper covers:
1. To clean the top crisper cover, remove the Ingredient Care
Center located above it.
2. To clean the bottom crisper cover, first remove the top crisper
Important information to know about glass shelves
and covers:
Do not clean glass shelves or covers with warm water when
they are cold. Shelves and covers may break if exposed to
sudden temperature changes or impact, such as bumping.
Tempered glass is designed to shatter into many small,
pebble-size pieces. This is normal. Glass shelves and covers
are heavy. Use both hands when removing them to avoid