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Wine Rack
To remove and replace the wine rack:
1. Remove the rack by pulling it straight out from the shelf.
2. Replace the rack by sliding it in between the shelf and the wall
of the refrigerator.
Freezer Shelf
To remove and replace the shelf:
1. Remove the shelf by lifting it up and pulling it straight out.
2. Replace the shelf by putting it over the supports and lowering
it into place.
Frozen Food Storage Guide
Storage times will vary according to the quality and type of food,
the type of packaging or wrap used (should be airtight and
moisture-proof), and the storage temperature. Ice crystals inside a
sealed package are normal. This simply means that moisture in
the food and air inside the package have condensed, creating ice
Put no more unfrozen food into the freezer than will freeze within
24 hours (no more than 2 to 3 lbs of food per cubic foot
[907 to 1,350 g per 28 L] of freezer space). Leave enough space in
the freezer for air to circulate around packages. Be sure to leave
enough room for the door to close tightly.
For more information on preparing food for freezing, check a
freezer guide or reliable cookbook.
Freezer Basket
The freezer basket can be used to store bags of frozen fruits and
vegetables that may slide off freezer shelves.
To remove and replace the freezer basket:
1. Pull the basket straight out to the stop.
2. Lift the front of the basket and slide it out the rest of the way.
3. Replace the basket by positioning it on the side wall guide
rails. Lift the basket front slightly while pushing it past the
guide rail stops and slide basket in the rest of the way.
Utility Compartment
(on some models)
The utility compartment can be placed in any position on the
refrigerator door.
To remove and replace the utility bin:
1. Remove utility compartment by grasping both ends and lifting
compartment up and out.
2. Replace the bin by sliding it in above the desired support and
pushing it down until it stops.
Door Bins
Large door bins hold gallon containers and the smaller door bins
hold 2-liter bottles. The door bins are adjustable and removable
for easy cleaning and adjusting.
Gallon Door Bin
To install gallon door bin:
NOTE: The gallon door bin can only be placed on the lower
1. Position gallon door bin above lowest door adjustment slot.
2. Push down to secure bin.
3. Adjust other bins, as necessary to allow for milk or beverage
container height.
Door Bins
To remove and replace the door bins:
1. Remove the bin by lifting it up and pulling it out.
2. Replace the bin by sliding it in above the desired support and
pushing it down until it stops.