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Operating Instructions
Suitable options will automatically be indicated
when the cycle is selected.
To add options, press the corresponding options
buttons to illuminate the selections desired. To de-
lete options, press the options buttons again and
the indicator lights will turn off.
To protect your fabrics, not all options are available
with every cycle. If an option is not appropriate for
the cycle, it will not be displayed. Occasionally, two op-
tions in the same cycle will confl ict with each other, like
delicate heat and sanitize. When this happens, the
option selected fi rst will cause the confl icting option to
not be selectable.
Cycle Options
To change the options once the cycle has
begun, press the pause button, make the new
selections and press start again.
The sanitize and add steam (on select models)
options will be retained and recalled if either is
selected and saved in the my favorite cycle.
All options selected for the cycle, except sanitize
and add steam (on select models), will be remem-
bered and recalled each time that cycle is selected
in the future. To prevent unintentional and accidental
exposure of delicate material to sanitize heat or
unexpected steam, the sanitize option and the add
steam option (on select models) will not be remem-
bered and must be reselected each time.
For loads that contain some items you plan to hang
dry, fl at dry or iron, add the damp alert option to
any Auto Dry cycle. A signal will sound when the
load has reached the damp dryness level to remind
you to remove those items to hang dry, dry fl at or
iron dry. Open the door, remove those items, close
the door and press the start button to continue dry-
ing the remaining items.
Select the extended tumble option if the dried
load might not be removed promptly at the end of
the cycle. The dry load will tumble continuously
without heat for 30 minutes. EXT. TUMBLE will be
displayed and a chime will sound every 5 minutes
to remind you to remove the dried load.
The wrinkle release option (on select models) can
be selected with extended tumble to increase the
amount of time the load will tumble without heat.
Only sanitizing cycles have been designed to
meet the requirements of NSF P154 protocol for
sanitization effi cacy.
Use this combination if you know it will be more
than 45 minutes before you can remove the load.
ADD STEAM (steam models only)
The add steam option injects steam into the cloth-
ing prior to cool down to reduce wrinkling, ironing
and static cling.
WRINKLE RELEASE (non-steam models only)
Select the wrinkle release option if the dried
load might not be removed promptly at the end of
the cycle. To help prevent wrinkles, the dry load
will intermittently tumble for a total of 45 minutes.
WRINKLE REL. will be displayed and a chime will
sound every 5 minutes to remind you to remove
the dried load.
The extended tumble option can be selected
with wrinkle release to add another 30 minutes of
tumbling without heat.
Select this option to protect a load from exces-
sive heat. The drying temperature will be gradually
reduced as the load dries.
Select this option for loads that may contain
harmful bacteria. An extended drying time at high
heat will kill 99.9% of bacteria with no carryover of
bacteria between loads. Check fabric care labels
to prevent damage caused by high heat.
NSF Protocol P154
Sanitization Performance of
Residential Clothes Dryers
Select this option to add a chime to the end of the
cycle, to indicate when the load is damp in the damp
alert option, and as a reminder to remove the load
during extended tumble and wrinkle release (on
select models). Press the chime button to select the
volume level desired or to turn off the signal.