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If burner does not light, turn knobs to OFF, wait 5
minutes, and try again. Always close valve during the 5
minute waiting period. If the burner does not ignite with
the valve open, gas will continue to flow out of the burner
and could accidentally ignite with risk of injury.
Burner Flame Check
• Remove cooking grates and flametamers. Light burner,
a smaller flame in LOW position than seen on HIGH. Always
check flame prior to each use. If only low flame is seen refer to
"Sudden drop or low flame" in the Troubleshooting Section.
Hose Check
Before each use, check to see if hoses are cut, worn or kinked.
Replace damaged hoses before using grill. Use only
valve/hose/regulator specified in the Parts List.
Sideburner Match Lighting
2. Hold lit match to any port on the burner. Push in and turn
sideburner knob to the HIGH position.
Turn ON gas at LP cylinder.
Ignitor Lighting
Do not lean over grill while lighting.
Turn OFF gas burner control valves.
Turn ON gas at LP cylinder.
Open lid during lighting.
To ignite, turn left knob to the HIGH position.
Push IGNITOR button rapidly.
6. If ignition does NOT occur in 5 seconds, turn the burner
controls OFF, wait 5 minutes and repeat the lighting
7. To ignite right burner, turn knob to the HIGH position.
If ignitor does not work, follow match lighting instructions.
After Lighting: Turn knobs to HIGH position for warm-up.
Turn controls and gas source or tank OFF when not
in use.
rotate knobs from HIGH to LOW. You should see
Turning Grill Off
• Turn all knobs to OFF position. Turn LP tank off by turning
OPD hand wheel clockwise to a full stop.
Ignitor Check
• Turn gas off at LP tank. Press and hold ignitor button. "Click"
should be heard and spark seen each time between collector
box or burner and electrodes. See "Troubleshooting" if no click
or spark.
Valve Check
• Important: Make sure gas is off at LP tank before checking
valves. Knobs lock in OFF position. To check valves, first
push in knobs and release, knobs should spring back. If knobs
do not spring back, replace valve assembly before using grill.
Turn knobs to LOW position then turn back to OFF position.
Valves should turn smoothly.
Plastic parts: Wash with warm soapy water and wipe dry.
s Do not use citrisol, abrasive cleaners, degreasers or a
concentrated grill cleaner on plastic parts. Damage to and
failure of parts can result.
• Porcelain surfaces: Because of glass-like composition, most
residue can be wiped away with baking soda/water solution or
specially formulated cleaner. Use nonabrasive scouring powder
for stubborn stains.
• Painted surfaces: Wash with mild detergent or nonabrasive
cleaner and warm soapy water. Wipe dry with a soft
nonabrasive cloth.
General Grill Cleaning
• Do not mistake brown or black accumulation of grease and
smoke for paint. Interiors of gas grills are not painted at the
factory (and should never be painted). Apply a strong solution
of detergent and water or use a grill cleaner with scrub brush
on insides of grill lid and bottom. Rinse and allow to completely
air dry. Do not apply a caustic grill/oven cleaner to painted
Be sure burner lights and stays lit.
Do not lean over grill while lighting.
3. Open lid during lighting.
4. Place match into match holder (hanging from side of cart).
5. Place lit match through the match light hole and near the burner.
6. Light right burner by pushing knob in and turning to the HIGH
Sideburner Ignitor Lighting
1. Turn OFF gas burner control valves.
Turn ON gas at LP cylinder.
3. To ignite SIDEBURNER, open sideburner cover.
4. Turn sideburner knob to the HIGH position. Push
IGNITOR button rapidly.
5. If sideburner does not light in 5 seconds, turn knob to
OFF, wait 5 minutes, then repeat lighting procedure.
Strike the match.
Be sure the burner lights and stays lit.
Turn OFF gas burner control valves.
Turn ON gas at LP cylinder.
Push in and turn left knob to the HIGH position.
NOTE: Your grill may NOT be equipped with a Sideburner!