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Grease Cup and Grease Cup Clip
Hang grease cup clip from bottom of firebox and place grease cup into grease clip.
Swing Away
Insert ends of Swing Away pivot wire into holes in sides of grill lid. Insert ends of Swing Away leg wire into holes in sides of
firebox. NOTE: Pivot and leg wires, running side-to-side, should be under wires running front-to-back. If pivot and leg wires
are on top, swing away is installed upside-down.
Pivot Wire
Swing Away
Leg Wire
Failure to install grease cup clip and cup will
cause hot grease to drip from bottom of grill
with risk of fire or property damage.
Grease Cup Clip
Grease Cup
LP Tank
LP tank is sold separately. Use only with an OPD (over-fill protection device)
equipped LP tank. Fill and leak check before attaching to grill and regulator.
Tank collar opening must face to front of grill.
Loosen wing nut from tank retainer bracket.
Set bottom of tank onto notches in the tank bracket.
Place tank retainer bracket onto tank collar and tighten
the wing nut.
See Use and Care section to correctly Leak Test and
perform the Burner Flame Check.
LP Tank
• Cylinder valve must face to front of cart once tank is
attached. Failure to install cylinder correctly may
allow gas hose to be damaged in operation, resulting
in the risk of fire.
LP Cylinder
(not included)
Correctly Installed
LP cylinder
Always keep LP cylinders in
upright position during use,
transport, and storage.