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Troubleshooting (continued)
Burner(s) will not light
using ignitor.
Burner(s) will not
match light.
Low flame, drop in gas
Flames blow out.
Persistent grease fire.
(fire in burner tube(s)).
Unable to fill LP
Possible Cause
•Push-button sticks at bottom.
•Rotary knob rotates without clicking.
•Sparking between ignitor and electrode.
•See “GAS ISSUES:” on previous page.
•Match will not reach.
•Improper method of match-lighting.
•Out of gas.
•Excess flow valve tripped.
•Vapor lock at coupling nut/LP cylinder
•High or gusting winds.
•Low on LP gas.
•Excess flow valve tripped.
•Grease buildup.
•Excessive fat in meat.
•Excessive cooking temperature.
•Grease trapped by food buildup around
burner system.
•Burner and/or burner tubes are blocked.
•Some dealers have older fill nozzles
with worn threads.
•Replace ignitor.
•Replace knob.
•Inspect wire insulation and proper connection. Replace wires if
insulation is broken.
•Use long-stem match (fireplace match).
•See “Match-Lighting” section of Use and Care.
•Check for gas in LP cylinder.
•Turn off control and tank knobs, wait 30 seconds, turn tank knob on
slowly, light grill. If flames are still low, turn off control and tank
knobs and disconnect regulator. Reconnect regulator, turn tank knob
on slowly, light grill.
•Turn off control and tank knobs and disconnect regulator. Reconnect
regulator, turn on tank knob slowly, light grill.
•Turn front of grill to face wind or increase flame height.
•Refill LP cylinder.
•Refer to “Sudden drop in gas flow” above.
•Clean burners and inside of grill/firebox.
•Trim fat from meat before grilling.
•Adjust (lower) temperature accordingly.
•Turn knobs to OFF. Turn gas off at LP cylinder. Leave lid in position
and let fire burn out. After grill cools, remove and clean all parts.
•Turn knobs to OFF. Clean burner and/or burner tubes. See burner
cleaning section of Use and Care.
•The worn nozzles don’t have enough “bite” to engage the valve. Try
a second LP dealer.