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Outdoor grilling is really quite simple. You'll succeed with
burgers, dogs, or steaks usually on your very first try. With
experience, you will learn how to work with your grill, creating
more imaginative meals all the time. This knowledge makes up
the art of grilling. Before you start grilling, organize your food
according to cooking technique and required cooking time, and
optimize the use of your grilling area.
Direct Cooking
Direct cooking involves grilling your meat directly over high heat.
It is perfect for searing steaks, chops, and other smaller pieces of
meat and vegetables that quickly make their way to the table.
Indirect Cooking
Indirect cooking utilizes select burners to circulate heat
throughout the grill, without direct contact between the meat and
the flame. The meat is placed over the burner that is 'off'. This
method is generally used to slow cook large cuts of meat and
poultry. A pan can be placed underneath the meat to catch
grease and food drippings, and helps minimize clean-up.
Rotisserie Cooking
Rotisserie cooking is best for 'round' meat, such as large roasts,
whole poultry, and pork. It generally requires an accessory motor
and spit rod that allows the meat to be turned at a constant
speed. Rotisserie cooking is best done in front of a special
rotisserie burner, or utilizing an indirect cooking burner
arrangement. A pan can be placed underneath the meat to catch
grease and food drippings, and helps minimize clean-up.
Food Safety
Food safety is a very important part of enjoying the outdoor
cooking experience. To keep food safe from harmful bacteria,
follow these four basic steps:
Clean: Wash hands, utensils, and surfaces with hot soapy water
before and after handling raw meat.
Separate: Separate raw meats from ready-to-eat foods to avoid
cross contamination. Use a clean platter and utensils when
removing cooked foods.
Cook: Cook meat and poultry thoroughly to kill bacteria. Use a
thermometer to ensure proper internal food temperatures.
Chill: Refrigerate prepared foods and leftovers promptly.
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