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ICON Atomic Time Reception Strength
Undefined data(Flashing)
No Reception for the past 24 hours
Weak signal, but can be decoded
Strong signal
• The atomic clock receiver is programmed that it will search for the atomic time signal daily
for 0:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 12:00 am.
• To enable or disable the atomic time receiver, press and hold UP (? ) button for 3 seconds. If
atomic time reception is activated, a tower icon will start flashing. If reception is disabled, the
tower icon will disappear.
• If the time signal has not been received in 8 minutes, you may set the time manually. (Refer to
the MANUAL SETTINGS section).
To select the time mode, press UP (? ) or DOWN (? ) until the IN icon flashing with a
beep sound alert. It is necessary to set the desired US TIME ZONE.
• Press MODE button once to select hour and minutes with the day of the week display.
• Select the Time Zone by pressing and holding UP (? ) button for 3 seconds
• Keep holding UP (? ) button until the desired US Time Zone (Pacific, Mountain, Central or
Eastern) is highlighted on the display’s US map, located to the right of the time display and
above the day of the week
• Release the UP (? ) button. The Time Zone is set.
• Press and hold MODE button until the day of week language abbreviation “ENG” will flash
• Press the UP (? ) or DOWN (? ) selecting the day of the week in English, German, French,
Italian, Spanish, Dutch or Swedish.
• After the language of weekday is MODE, press MODE button to confirm and move to the
next parameter (year)
• Continue setting the year, month, day, time format (12 or 24 hours), local hour and minutes,
using the same technique
• After programming is complete the display will return to the default hour and minutes with
seconds display.