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Main unit
Radio Controlled
Time signal is not
Cannot locate
remote sensor
Cannot change
the channel
Data does not
match data on the
main unit
Place unit by the window and keep it there
Check batteries
Check location
Press and hold DOWN ( ? ) button on the
main unit to search for the signal form the
remote sensor
Press “RESET” after setting the channel
Initiate manual sensor search (Press and hold
DOWN ( ? ) button on the main unit)
Remote sensor
Symptom Solution
This product is engineered to give you years of satisfactory service if handled carefully. Here
are a few precautions:
• Do not immerse the units in water.
• Do not clean the units with abrasive or corrosive materials. They may scratch the plastic parts
and corrode the electronic circuits.
• Do not subject the product to excessive force, shock, dust, temperature, or humidity, which
may result in malfunctions, shorter lifespan, damaged batteries, and damaged parts.
• Do not tamper with the units internal components. Doing so will invalidate the warranty and
may cause damage. These units contain no user-serviceable parts.
• Use only fresh batteries. Do not mix new and old batteries.
• Read the user's manual thoroughly before operating the units.
Check here before contacting customer service.