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Operating Your Washer, continued
To provide the best care for your laundry, not every
setting or option is available with every cycle. If a
setting or option is not available for the cycle selected,
the indicator will not light.
If the cycle is interrupted during spin, it will take
approximately 2-3 minutes for the door lock to release.
DO NOT force open the door.
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be washed.
For best results
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle if the
chime option has been selected.
Remove items from the washer when the cycle
ends and place in dryer, line dry or dry at as di-
rected on the fabric care label.
Excess wrinkling, color transfer or odors may de-
velop in items left in the washer after the cycle has
ended, if not removed promptly.
To return to factory
settings, press these
two buttons at the
same time and
hold until the signal
6 Select the appropriate cycle and settings for
the load.
Turn the cycle selector knob in either direction to
select the cycle desired. The indicator for that cycle
will be illuminated.
The estimated cycle time, suitable wash and rinse
water temperatures, nal spin speed, soil level, and
options for each cycle will be indicated for the cycle
selected. See the “Washer Settings Chart” for more
To change the settings, press the auto temp,
spin speed and soil level buttons to scroll to the
desired settings.
To select or delete an option, press the button for
that option. The indicator will be illuminated when
the option has been selected. The indicator will no
longer be lighted when the option has been deleted.
Adjustments to a cycle will be remembered and re-
called each time that cycle is selected in the future.
when the buttons are pressed. To change the set-
tings or options, press pause, make the new selec-
tions and press START again.
To change the cycle once the cycle has begun,
press cancel, select a new cycle, and press
START again. Just turning the cycle selector knob
will not change the cycle.
To stop the cycle, press cancel.
Do not leave the door open if there are small children
or pets present. An open door could entice children to
hang on the door or crawl inside the washer. If there
are no small children present, you may leave the door
ajar to prevent odor build up.
7 Start the washer.
Close the door and press START. The washer will
not operate with the door open. “DOOR OPEN” will
be displayed as a reminder to close the door.
• Select delay start to delay the beginning of the
cycle, if desired.
As a safety measure, the door will automatically
lock during the entire wash cycle.
To add a forgotten item to the washer any time
during the wash portion of the cycle, press pause.
When the door unlocks, open the door, add the
item, close the door and press START to resume
the cycle
If changes to the settings or options are attempted
after the cycle starts, you will hear several beeps