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of 32
To add options, press the corresponding options buttons
to illuminate the selections desired. To delete options,
press the options buttons again and the indicator lights
will turn off. Some options require a “press & hold”
effort to activate or deactivate the secondary function.
Not all options are available on every model. To protect your
fabrics, not all options are available with every cycle. If an
option is not appropriate for the cycle, the indicator will not
light. Occasionally, a setting and option in the same cycle
will con ict with each other, like add steam and energy
saver. When this happens, the option selected rst will
cause the con icting option to not be selectable.
allergy (on select models)
If you have asthma or allergy sufferers in your home,
add this option to combine hot water temperature
(boosted with internal heater), fast speed tumbling and
multiple rinses to help ensure the destruction of dust
mites and removal of pet dander.
The allergy option will kill all dust mites and eliminate
at least 95% of pet dander. Since higher temperatures
are required, please check fabric care labels to prevent
energy saver
The energy saver option reduces the warm water
temperature a few degrees to save energy and also
extracts more water to reduce drying time.
NSF Protolcol P351
Allergen Reduction Performance
of Residential and Commercial,
Family-Sized Clothes Washers
This option has been certi ed by NSF International,
an independent third party testing and certi cation
organization dedicated to public health, safety and
environmental protection.
Cycle Options
To change the options after the cycle starts, press pause,
adjust the setting and press START to resume the cycle.