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Cycle Settings
Appropriate wash temperature, spin speeds, soil level and
options will automatically be displayed for each cycle. The
settings can be changed before the cycle is started. Make
modi cations according to ber content, colorfastness and
soil level. Modi cations for each cycle will be remembered
and recalled each time that cycle is selected in the future.
Use this setting for heavily soiled white or colorfast
cottons and blends.
Use this setting for normally soiled white or colorfast
cottons or blends.
Some warm water will automatically blend with cold tap
supply to achieve a precise cold. Use this setting for
lightly soiled non-colorfast items, knits, delicates, and
hand washables.
cold water clean
Wash and rinse temperatures are equivalent to
temperature of cold tap supply. Use this selection for
fabrics and colors that are prone to dye transfer. For
use with cold water detergents.
NSF Protocol P172
Sanitization Performance of Residential
and Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes
Max, high, medium and low spin speeds are available
for each cycle. The spin speed and/or duration of nal
spin vary from model to model and cycle to cycle.
Increasing the spin speed will extract more water,
decrease drying time and conserve energy. Decreasing
the spin speed will reduce wrinkling.
Select low spin speed to gently spin items that should be
line dried.
Use no spin to omit the nal spin at the end of the cycle.
The load will be very wet. Remove items from the wash
drum to drip dry or select a spin only or rinse & spin
cycle to remove excess water at a more convenient time.
Adjust the wash time in 3-minute increments based on
the soil level of each load. Max, heavy, normal, light
and extra light soil levels are available.
Follow the fabric care label instructions
on items to be dried.
For best results
To return to factory
settings, press these
two buttons at the
same time and
hold until the signal
To change the preset temperature, press the temp
button to scroll to the desired setting. A cold water rinse
saves energy and reduces wrinkling.
To protect your fabrics, not all temperatures are available
with every cycle. The indicator will not light if the setting
is not available with that cycle.
Wash water temperatures are automatically regulated to
maximize detergent effectiveness and improve washing
performance. The water heater setting and its distance
from the washer, water usage in other parts of the home,
and seasonally low ground water temperature in some
geographic areas can affect water temperature.
This setting sanitizes heavily soiled colorfast fabrics
such as towels, bedding, and children’s clothing by
killing 99.9% of bacteria using wash water heated with
a boost heater to 152° F (67° C). Cold water is used to
cool and rinse the load.
Only sanitizing cycles have been designed to meet the
requirements of NSF P172 protocol for sanitization
ef cacy.
To change settings after the cycle starts, press pause,
adjust the setting and press START to resume the cycle.